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Thunderstone Logistics can solve your shipping and storage needs!

Thunderstone Logistics’ specialized contract carriage services provide committed resources to meet all of our clients’ transportation demands without requiring them to purchase their own trucks. Thunder Logistics owns, manages, and maintains our trucks and truck drivers under its dedicated contract carriage, so all you have to do is determine where we will pick up your products, and our dedicated contract carriage will handle all transport activities from the warehouse to final destinations.

Our dedicated carriers give the level of control required by organizations that demand guaranteed capacity or the desire to deliver specialized services to their clients. Our dedicated contract carriage alternatives give clients the advantages of having their own fleet of branded vehicles and highly qualified drivers while never having to worry about fleet logistics or upkeep.


Seasonal freight – Is your product seasonal in nature? When you choose a specialized carrier, you may ship your goods when you need to and avoid the expenditures of fleet maintenance when you don’t. Underutilization during slow periods can be costly, but it’s easy to avoid with a dedicated carrier.

Local, regional, and long-haul deliveries- When your shipping needs fluctuate between these three categories, having a dedicated fleet is advantageous.

Decrease shipping expenses with a dedicated fleet — When you have a dedicated carrier fleet, your overall shipping costs are substantially lower than when you pay common carrier contracts. When you hire a professional carrier service, you can count on dependable logistics and shipping services.

A dedicated carrier can handle many modes of transportation – If your shipments require intermodal transportation, a dedicated hauler is the most cost-effective option. A specialized carrier becomes more valuable and effective as your transportation network becomes more complex.

Meet and exceed consumer expectations – Using a dedicated carrier to solve your logistical concerns is a wonderful place to start whether your company is new or if you are new to shipping. Your clients only care about on-time delivery, which is never an issue when you work with a skilled logistics partner.

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