Flexible Storage


Any business which experiences with high stock volume might need extra warehouse storage space. Our flex warehouse space offers fully flexible storage space and cost-effective storage solutions for businesses during their high-volume seasons. This flexible storage space offers warehousing solutions such as picking, packing, and shipping. By investing in a flexible storage space with Thunderstone Logistics, we can provide you with a flexible storage unit and our team of logistics experts. Call us today to inquire about our flexible storage options in Verona, Missouri.

Thunderstone Logistics provides flexible storage options with customizable plans that are specific to our clients’ needs. We can handle the ups and downs of your business industry and we offer flexible pay options that work best for you. You no longer must pay for storage you don’t need. We provide seasonal storage for holiday rushes, Christmas novelty items, seasonal shippers, Halloween costumes, and more. In addition to our flexible storage space, Thunderstone Logistics also has packaging, distribution, and transportation services to help your business during the high peak seasons.

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