FTL Trucking

what is Ftl freight?

Our asset-based trucking ensures that your products arrive safely and on time.

Asset-based trucking businesses, such as Thunderstone Logistics, own and operate their own equipment and assets in order to handle the logistics of their many clients. We provide our customers a variety of facilities across the country and own all of our own trucks, giving us complete control and responsibility. Because of their lack of assets, many logistics businesses outsource their job to FTL trucking companies, however at Thunderstone Logistics, we have brand new vehicles for long and short-haul shipment. Our clients benefit from having our own fleet of vehicles for a variety of reasons.


FTL trucking utilizes specialized equipment to transport massive freight loads, and Thunderstone Logistics is well-versed in dealing with shipments of any size. While there are numerous advantages to FTL trucking, the most important is spatial exclusivity. This reduces the danger of harm to your freight, which is especially important for sensitive goods. Another advantage is the cargo’s quick delivery, which fulfills tighter schedules than LTL due to the lack of stops. Because FTL trucking does not involve load shifting, your package will remain in one location until it arrives at its final destination.

  • Fewer Breakdowns – With trucks less than three years old, breakdowns are a rare occurrence.
  • Personal Investment in Successful Transportation – We care about the safety and success of your delivery.
  • Custom Scheduling Options – You choose when your delivery needs to arrive.
  • Delivery and Storage At One Company – Eliminate the headaches associated with multiple vendors.
  • Space Exclusivity – Delicate or fragile shipments can be specially arranged per your requests.
  • Fast Delivery – No additional stops or changes means fast, on-time delivery.

With our high standards in equipment and low costs, Thunderstone Logistics is happy to ensure the capacity and professionalism of FTL trucking. We make certain that we meet your deadlines and plan ahead of time to ensure that your goods are transported safely and efficiently.

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