Pool Distribution


Pool distribution helps lower the cost of trucking and delivery.

Pool Distribution enables businesses to manage their funds more efficiently by decreasing labor and machine power. As a one-stop warehouse and delivery solution, we incorporate a Pool Distribution strategy into various ways that help our clients successfully and cost-effectively deliver their products.


Pool distribution is the delivery of a variety of products from various vendors to a single site in the same geographic area. The utilization of LTL trucks to deliver goods fast and efficiently is included in the definition of pool distribution. Pool distribution, which lowers overall distribution and shipment costs, can be considered the strength of the entire logistic network. As a result, it is a cost-effective method that is used by both retailers and storage and delivery service providers such as Thunderstone Logistics. More importantly, it not only helps merchants cut distribution costs, but it also helps pool operators enhance delivery frequency. Traditional LTL shipments are more expensive than pool distribution LTL shipments, therefore we offer our clients the option of coordinating pool distribution for the delivery of their goods to reduce their overall expenditures.


Pool distribution has shown to be advantageous in many ways as the demand for fast-paced delivery techniques has grown. The cost of freight and distribution is lowered, which is a substantial benefit. The use of many LTL vehicles in a pool distribution approach also reduces delivery time. Other advantages include:

  • Reduced product claims and losses
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • High volume freight handling
  • Rate audits
  • Improved services


A pool distribution approach has become an important aspect of many 3PL companies’ shipment culture. Unlike traditional trucking, which includes direct shipment of products from the shipper to the merchant, pool distribution uses consolidated trucks to deliver orders to regional depots. The truck is then unloaded, processed, and organized by the consignee. The products are then placed onto local trucks and transported to their final destinations in retail outlets. We provide transportation, distribution, and packaging for pool distribution to reduce additional costs incurred by other organizations. You receive the benefit of having a well-versed partner in your distribution plan in addition to giving numerous drop-offs or multiple pickups for one drop-off.

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