Contract Warehousing

What Is Contract Warehousing?

At Thunderstone Logistics, you can trust us to create warehouse agreements that benefit you. Our contract warehouse agreements state that we will look after the receiving, storage, and shipment of goods. In contract warehousing, you work with us for a certain amount of time that suits you. Although this time in the contract may vary, it usually starts at a year minimum. At Thunderstone Logistics, we customize the contract to make it as convenient as possible for you. The days are over where you sign long contracts that don’t benefit you.


Thunderstorm Logistics provides personalized solutions for all our warehouse contracts that are suited for your business needs. We can accommodate new businesses or businesses that have been established for many years. We love working with businesses that are growing. Our structure is extremely flexible, so you can trust us to create a solution that satisfies each customers individual needs. From bulk storage to rack storage, we can accommodate any of your needs.

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Our contracts are reasonable and affordable. Unlike our competitors, we pride ourselves on being reasonable and not breaking our partners pockets. Our team members work with you to develop a contract that benefits both parties. We love working with small e-commerce businesses. Our clients can also rely on Thunderstorm Logistics to maintain the safety of goods from one facility to another.

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